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My name is Quill Kirkland. I am a writer/professional and technical writing student with a universe floating around in my head. I live in a world all my own, so it's sometimes hard to get me to focus on reality. I have been a lover of the written word since the age of three. My books are my life and all of the worlds that they have unlocked for me, I'm here to share with you.

Some of the best friends we have are books. Why? Well, they belong usually to our relaxed armchair hours. They come only if chosen; hence they suit the mood or the taste, whether for humor, fantasy, adventure or mystery. In a trice they can take us with them to far places and other times. Best of all, they don’t talk back or force themselves upon us, but, like patient, loving friends, wait until we give them our attention. And always, they are as near as our bookshelf when we need them.

¬†Esther Baldwin York —